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See You in Athens – A Final Decentralized Checklist – CryptoCoinUpdates.com

See You in Athens – A Final Decentralized Checklist

With Decentralized just around the corner, it’s time to make those essential final checks before Europe’s biggest blockchain conference gets underway. As returning media partners for the event, Contentworks Agency is ticking off all the major to-dos before jet-setting to Athens, plus highlighting what not to miss. So, here goes… See You in Athens – A Final Decentralized Checklist

#1 Book the right accommodation and flights

Decentralized will take place this year from the 30th October – 1st November at the Divani Caravel Hotel in Athens. It’s the place to be this Autumn, so double check your accommodation and flight details – particularly if you’re on the Speaker’s Panel. After all, you don’t want to miss your moment because you booked the wrong flight time.

Take a look at the agenda here for confirmation of the schedule.

#2 Promote your Decentralized attendance

Decentralized is one of the biggest events of the finance/fintech calendar, so be sure to promote your attendance. This can be done via blogs, PRs and across your social media sites. By talking about the conference and using the relevant #Decentralized2019 hashtags, you can connect with other attendees and make your presence known long before rocking up in Greece.

If you’re an industry thought-leader with your own blog, don’t forget to promote your attendance on there too. And if you’re taking part, preparing teaser snippets of your involvement is another way to garner support and excitement before Decentralized begins. But hurry, time is ticking.

#3 Reach Out to Fellow Attendees

If there’s a speaker you’re particularly interested in chatting to at the event, how about reaching out in advance to arrange a meeting. This is much better than clambering to talk with them during a bustling seminar. Similarly, if you’ve seen tweets or updates from other companies attending and feel they’d be a good business match for you, get in touch. Decentralized is a great opportunity to network, share business cards and discuss the blockchain-related work you do. But again, being organised in your approach is likely to be more successful than leaving everything to the last minute.

Contact the Contentworks team to discuss content marketing solutions for your finance, blockchain, crypto or fintech brand.

#4 Print Those Business Cards

Do you have enough business cards? If not, act fast. Business cards are ideal for fast-paced marketing allowing you to kick-start any future business relationships in a professional and polite way. Make sure that your name is on your business card as carrying around cards of a colleague won’t leave a good first impression.

If you’ve also got e-books and other promotional literature you’re proud of, bring this along to the conference too and hand out as and where you deem appropriate.

#5 Know Who’s Doing What

If you’re going to the seminar alone and are representing your company single-handedly, use this as a chance to shine. Note down everything you want to achieve and how you’ll go about it. Think about setting up meetings with specific individuals and handing out those all-important business cards. Follow up on leads when you get the chance and keep those connections alive during and after the event.

If you’re going to Athens as a team, know who’s doing what. Work out who should attend which seminars based on interests and job roles and who will manage social media updates. Going live at an event like this or simply live tweeting will help boost your profile and attract followers interested in Decentralized. You may find people from the event start to add and connect with you online.

#6 Know the Schedule Inside Out

Part of knowing who’s doing what means knowing the event schedule inside out. This year, there are Bootcamps on the Wednesday designed for specific people with specific interests.

  • Pre-Conference Workshops

The Corda Bootcamp, for instance, co-organised by R3, is for anyone looking to learn more about the Corda blockchain platform, as well as blockchain engineers who aspire to develop their own Corda application (CorDapp). For session 2, attendees must have a technical background and basic familiarity with Java in order to benefit.

The Hyperledger Workshop – Co-organised by Hyperledger, will provide hands-on experience related to the world’s most popular open source enterprise blockchain platform and is ideal for people wanting to know more about the Hyperledger Fabric. The workshop also has pre-requirements which you can find here.

  • Exciting Panel Talks

There’s a lot going on over the course of three days. It’s highly unlikely you’ll be able to see every single speaker and discussion, so it’s wise to cherry-pick those that interest you the most. The speaker line-up is incredible, so here are a few talks you might be interested in.

Panel Discussion: Marketing & Blockchain

Ideal for: Marketers/Social Media Managers

Featuring our very own Creative Director, Charlotte Day, this panel is sure to be packed with insightful information and lively debate. Find out more about how marketing is evolving in the blockchain space.

Keynote Address: Global Blockchain Policy Trends

Ideal for: Top management, compliance and marketing teams

Blockchain policies are currently in the spotlight as the industry evolves. Learn more from Perianne Boring, Founder & President, Chamber of Digital Commerce.

Fintech & Regtech part I, II and III

Ideal for: Top management, compliance teams

Regtech is big news. But how does it fit into today’s fintech/blockchain world?  This topic will be covered during a three-part seminar focussing on a wide range of issues including the future of money and the implications of blockchain and digital assets on central banks.

#7 Think About Money

If you’re travelling from a different country, you may already be looking at exchange rates and wondering whether to pay for things by cash or card. As you’re heading to a blockchain conference, however, why not consider smarter solutions such as those offered by Revolut? If you’ve already got a card, make the most of the many features offered, transfer your money and even pay in crypto if you have it. Don’t have a card? Well, there’s always next year.

#8 Arrange a Spot of Sightseeing

When in Rome… or in this case, Greece, sightseeing is a must. Athens is home to some incredible attraction from the Acropolis to the Parthenon. As mentioned before, the shopping is awesome and the café culture is exciting, so take a break and let your hair down.

Contact the Contentworks team today for whitepapers, crypto explainer videos and much more or to arrange a Decentralized meeting.

See you in Athens!

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