Enjin Launches Peer-to-Peer Digital Asset Marketplace

With the launch of Enjin Marketplace, users can now seamlessly sell Ethereum-based assets via the Enjin Wallet and securely purchase them via the EnjinX explorer with the simple scan of a QR code.

30 September 2019, SINGAPORE — Enjin has announced the launch of Enjin Marketplace, a peer-to-peer trading hub where users can buy and sell blockchain assets and gaming items. The innovative marketplace is natively integrated with Enjin’s blockchain wallet and explorer, making the process of trading digital assets easier than ever. The marketplace supports trading of next-generation ERC-1155 assets, which have recently been adopted by the Ethereum community.

Enjin has made purchasing assets as simple as scanning a QR code. To buy an item, users can simply navigate to the marketplace, select an item to buy, and scan a QR code with the Enjin Wallet app to complete their purchase. The process to sell an asset on the marketplace is equally seamless—users select an asset to sell from the Enjin Wallet, set a selling price, and list their item in the click of a button.

“Trading blockchain assets has never been easier or more secure,” said Enjin CEO Maxim Blagov. “As the first native cross-platform trading experience to be integrated directly into a blockchain wallet, Enjin Marketplace provides users with a seamless, simplistic trading process via the most secure wallet available. This a significant step toward achieving our mission of bringing real-life economies to digital worlds.”

At the time of launch, the marketplace featured several blockchain gaming assets that have been created using the Enjin Platform, a blockchain game development platform that enables developers to create and integrate ERC-1155 assets into their games and apps with ease.

Among the items listed is the Flashbang, a charity item created by Stack Up, a prominent nonprofit organization that supports military service members through the power of video games. The item will be playable in six games, including Age of Rust, AlterVerse, Bitcoin Hodler, Containment Corps, Kingdom Karnage, and Shield of Shalwend. By linking their Enjin Wallet to each of these titles, players who own the Stack Up collectible will be able to use it in every game that supports it, a powerful user experience made possible by blockchain technology.

Partnered with leading gaming companies like PlayStation and Oculus, Stack Up uses video games to support active duty military members in their deployment and help veterans recover and ease into their transition back to civilian life. All funds raised from the Stack Up collectibles sold on Enjin Marketplace will directly support the charity’s mission, allowing them to automatically collect funds as their items are purchased on the Marketplace, as well as earn transaction fees each time the items are traded peer-to-peer.

To celebrate the launch of the marketplace, Enjin is hosting an ERC-1155 asset giveaway, giving participants the chance to win thousands of prizes backed by a total of 30,000 Enjin Coin (ENJ).


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